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Spring-cleaning. It’s as if a huge weight has been lifted. The pile of must-attend-to papers on your desk, now gone. The garage and basement are clean. Windows have been washed. Outdoor furniture is in place just waiting for that first luxurious day when you feel the warmth of the sun on your bare skin and the promise of summer in the air. Spring cleaning is done. We feel lighter, happier when the work is behind us. Our bodies are energized and poised with anticipation of good things to come. We are ready.


But are you ready? When was the last time you cleaned out your inner clutter? The voices that tell us we can’t do it, or we aren’t good enough. The list of shoulds that we drag around. The fears that prevent us from trying to do the thing we most want to do. The default responses we developed, limiting beliefs, assumptions and all the other clutter weighing us down and preventing us from living the life we so desire. The I shoulds, if only the…….(fill in the blank), there are so many thoughts and beliefs that hold us back.


Stop, right now. Remove the clutter. Throw out any thought, belief or fear that weighs you down and prevents you from taking the action that you know inside is what you desire. You’ll feel lighter, happier and more energized with a promise of good things to come. Spring cleaning, are you ready?



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