Laid-off. Shocking to hear those words. My world and structured life crumbling around me, with no more paychecks.  A bit overwhelming even though I knew in my heart this was a gift to reinvent my life.

Clean, cry, drink wine, rinse……repeat as often as necessary. This was the good advice of a colleague who said it was a great way to process what had happened.  She was right (although I went light on the wine : )

By Sunday night, with the awesome support of good friends and family, I had come to some decisions that I thought were right.  Based on the severance package, I felt I needed to spend half of my time focused on finding A REAL JOB, the other half honoring and building my dream.  I made this decision based partly on fear, and the thought that you never know where the gifts will come from.

Monday morning, I started with an early morning gym class and felt great.  Once home, I furiously began outreach to former colleagues beginning my search for a familiar job.  By 3:30, I had sent only one email to pursue my real dream (what happened to 50/50?), and I was miserable.  I went for a walk because I had vowed over the weekend to integrate that into my life on a daily basis. Walking is a joy and meditation for me, and I had rarely done it because I always put work, life demands, and everyone else first.

The sounds of the waves crashing on the lake shore, the fresh green leaves and grass, spring flowers everywhere, were renewing.  As I walked back home, I felt much better and enjoyed the beautiful mosaic artwork under the bridge, thinking that this amazing work had once been a thought, a dream in someone’s mind.

Into my head flashed the words shared by Sonia Choquette in a recent workshop…..”every building begins as a dream and a plan”.  In another flash, I knew I needed to devote all my actions to creating my dream life honoring my mind, body and spirit.   I am sharing that journey with you in the Red Chair Chronicles.  Thank you for joining me.


First steps, start small….I’ve failed in the past because I had a grand idea and because it was so big, so overwhelming, so intimidating I felt I couldn’t achieve it.  I finally learned by starting small, with achievable milestones, you have a better chance of success.  Throw a small pebble in the pond and it starts to ripple out and build energy of its own.

Honor myself with a daily morning practice – I had started small with a few affirmations, and some breath work, every morning.  I managed to do those few things for several months.  Now I am adding on just one yoga pose, the Dolphin, to build strength and flexibility. Mara Zimmerman a fantastic yoga instructor provided that idea.

Career Focus – We all have a unique set of talents,  and I am finally going to focus on creating the right situation where I can use all my gifts/talents to best serve the universe.  I’ve enrolled in the IPEC coaching program, and although not yet sure how I will use this program in my career, I know it’s the right decision.  Coupled with my communications skills, gift of high energy and ability to encourage and empower others, I am looking forward to where this will lead me.

Joy – We are truly meant to enjoy life and I did that so rarely.  I am committed to more dancing, singing, and other activities that bring me and others joy.

Acts of kindness –Whenever I can, I share a smile, a good word, a donation to make this world a better place.

Spirit – I will respect my spirit and tune into its guidance and the flashes of intuitition that are so brilliant, and truly lead me in the right direction.  (Like the one I mentioned above.)

Health – Making daily choices of good food and exercise.  Not so easy for me to do, but I’m working on it, one snack/meal at a time. Ok, last night I indulged in a chocolate chip ice cream sandwich, but mostly I’ve been good : )

Green – I will start being more conscious in my daily life about the things I waste.  Surely I can take the time to unplug my computer when I am not using it.  How many clocks do I need in my house?  Maybe I could just unplug the microwave when I’m not using it….Those are my small personal steps.  I’m also going to begin exploring the Green Community in chicago, there are a lot of interesting companies out there!  My guide is a good friend Nancy Goldstein who founded Compass X Strategy a brand and market strategy company and is actively supporting the passage of B Corporation legislation in Ilinois.

I am excited about this journey and where it will take me!  Thanks for joining and supporting me.