Busy, busy, busy.  From east to west coast our jam-packed schedules keep us running from morning long into the night.  Until a force of nature, this time Hurricane Sandy, blows in and devastatingly alters the lives of millions and the east coast shoreline forever.

We pause long enough to generously donate (http://www.redcross.org), send prayers to those in need, gratefully say a prayer of thanks that it was not our loved ones or home that was torn asunder by the power of the wind and ocean.  Then……..

Busy, busy, busy, back to the hectic pace of our schedules.  Once again like a gerbil spinning their wheel.  We are so captive to this stress filled life that we don’t notice or feel the damage this is causing our body.  Nor do we notice or think about the quiet heartbreaks and misfortune that occur amongst our colleagues, friends and families on a daily basis.

Lay-offs, surgery or ill health, the loss of loved ones, financial difficulties among the many, all challenges that would be so much easier to bear if they were honored and recognized with small acts of kindness.

It is as simple as a phone call now and then, a beautiful card or flowers, a lunch or dinner, or just a surprise of a coffee card so they can enjoy a special treat on an especially bad day.  A simple, inexpensive acknowledgement of their situation and to let them know they are not alone.  The same kind actions that you would hope to receive.

The pay-off is double-fold……they feel supported and cared for, and you not only feel good about what you’ve done, but you also reap the benefit of altruistic behavior which can be an antidote to stress.  As they say, one good deed deserves another.  Who can you reach out to right now?